Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Outdoor Journeys different? 

Our guides are native or expert to the routes they lead. This means that they can immerse you in your journey - introducing you to people, places, and flavors that few have experienced! 

The most effective way to choose a tour is to connect over the phone. So please let us know a good time to reach you and the number, or call us any time Monday-Friday, 9-5pm U.S. Eastern Time. Here are a few questions to think about as you look through our catalog: 
  • What time of year do you wish to travel? 
  • How much do you bike these days - both in terms of distance and terrain? 
  • Would you like to be challenged or do you prefer to travel at a relaxed pace? 
What are the meals like? 

Each tour includes a number of dinners and ALL lunches. Dinners are as much about conviviality as they are about fine cuisine. Menus are crafted to deliver that culinary experience that makes your tour memorable on and off the bike. Dinners consist of several courses at fine restaurants and local trattorias but at times we also opt for a less formal pizza night. We aim to serve what's local and in season, and we are flexible when it comes to accommodating specific dietary needs. 

My partner doesn't really bike. Do you accommodate non-riders? 

Yes, we accommodate non-riders. We can advise your partner on the best activities to take part in during the day while you are riding, and we can also supply them with an electronic bike that they can ride at a very leisurely pace, and still be able to keep up with you! 

Great! What is the price for a non-rider? 

Non-riders are equal members of the group, entitled to the same hotel, dining, and guide services as riders. So the price for a non-rider is the same. 

What's the make of your road bikes? 

Our road bikes are either Cannondale, Willier, Scott, or Pinarello. All bikes are lightweight carbon fiber with racing handlebars. The bikes geometry allows for a precise fit, high performance and responsiveness. Our gel-padded, narrow profile saddles are designed to balance performance with comfort. Go to our bike page for further details and pictures. 

Do you have Mountain Bikes? 

Yes. We have an extensive collection of mountain bikes. Most of them are top of the line Cannondale bikes, designed for off road terrain, and gearing suitable for any type of riding, on road or off road. 

How can I be sure you're going to fit me to the right bike? 

If you are using one of our bikes, we fit you based on your height and seat height. We don't ask you for your bike frame size because different manufactures calculate frame sizes differently. All bikes are all checked before and after your tour, and our mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and professional. 

I have gear I would like to keep with me as I ride. Can I bring it with me? 

Our support van will be with you along the route, and you'll have easy access to a backpack or other bag at any rest stops. 

My vacation schedule is tight. Can I join the trip late - or leave early? 

In exceptional cases, we may permit a late arrival or early departure. However, we do not recommend these steps as alternatives to participating in the full tour. Call us to discuss this issue. We are confident we can figure it out together with you. 

What are the hotels like? What star rating are they? 

On all of our tours, we use charming, comfortable and unique three- and four-star inns and small hotels. Our accommodations consist primarily of 4-star luxury inns and small hotels. 

What about transfers to and from the airport? Most tours require me to get to the starting point on my own. How do I figure that out? 

Excellent question! This is complicated, very costly, and a real hassle. With us your problems are solved, because unlike most tours, you don't have to worry about it! We will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel, where dinner will be waiting for you. This is included in our package price, so you won't have to pay anything extra. At the end of the trip, we will take you back to the airport. 

What's the weather like in the region when I'm going to be there? 

For weather information for every region of the world, visit Weather Underground. Here is the link to the page for Italy: http://www.wunderground.com/global/IY.html 

Am I expected to tip my guides? How much? 

Tips are greatly appreciated. Guests usually leave 4% to 5% of the trip price per guide per guest. Typically tips are given at the end of the trip to thank guides for their exceptional service and expertise.  

How much out-of-pocket money should I bring? 

Make sure you have enough spending money for coffee and snacks. 

What about ATMs in Europe? 

Yes, the best way to get cash is at ATMs, which are widely available. You might have difficulty finding them in the countryside, but you can always ask your guides for help. Most ATMs limit withdrawals to 250 euros per day. The best place to get cash when you arrive is at the airport ATM. Don't worry about shopping around for the best exchange rate. Exchange rates with credit card withdraws are very competitive. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted cards and be sure to contact your bank before traveling abroad so they do not place a hold on your account for suspicious activity. 

Are credit cards accepted? 

Credit cards are widely accepted, but still many establishments insist on CASH ONLY. The safest bet is to ask or look for the credit card sticker. 

Are Travelers checks accepted? 

Some places will accept Travelers checks, but we recommend cash/credit cards because most hotels, restaurants, and shops will not accept Travelers checks. Travelers checks may be exchanged for cash (for a fee) at most banks. You'll need your passport when you want to use a Travelers checks. 

Will my cell phone work over there? 

Many cell phones do work in Europe. In remote, rural areas, coverage can be spotty. Before traveling, be sure to check with your provider to make sure that your phone will work, and that your rate will be reasonable. Another option is to buy a cheap cell phone and pre-paid sim card at the airport upon arrival. It's a good way to have a cell phone for emergency at a cost of $30-50. 

Is there internet service at the hotel? 

Many hotels have wifi service, though speeds are not quite what we are used to in North America. Most hotels will also have a "business center" or at least a PC with internet access for checking email.
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