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Road bikes are optimized for riding on smooth pavement. They have narrow tires with very light or no tread. This is designed to cut down on rolling resistance. The handlebars that are designed to be comfortable for long stretches of time, sacrificing a little bit of fine control that you'd get with a wider flat bar or riser bar. 

All our road bikes have 10 or 11 gears in the rear and 2 chain rings at the pedals.

We take all of the important measurements from you before you start the tour. This allows us to have a correct bike fitting for you when you arrive. Your bike will be waiting for you with your name on it. Our experts also double-check it with you on the first day for complete comfort.

Our brands include Pinarello, Cannondale, Colnago, Willier Fezzari and Scott.
Each bike has a spare tube and repair kit in the bag under the seat. (not pictured)
By contrast, mountain bikes come with much wider tires that have more aggressive tread, designed to grip gravel or dirt. The bike is also a lot heavier but can handle any kind of terrain or off road experience. 
A bike optimized for off-road will be easier to control and can ride on surfaces that would be problematic on a road bike, such as rocks, gravel, loose dirt, or pockets of sand.

There are even bikes that will accept extra-wide tires of 3” to 4”

We are also able to supply a waterproof pouch containing the map and ride of the day, for extra security. 
Of course, our guides will also be with you all throughout each ride. so, if you need anything adjusted during the ride, our expert guide will fix it on the fly
Our E-bikes have an electric motor inside the frame of the bike.
Our E-bikes It is designed for the client that is looking to take it easy, while still allowing them to keep up with the fastest riders. You can pedal the bike normally, but when the going gets tough and you need to take a break, the electric motor will kick in and will carry you along the road or up the hill with very little effort.

If you’re used to lock-in pedals for your own convenience we recommend that you bring your own pedals and helmets
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