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Lorenzo Ciccinato was born in the "Eternal City" of Rome and has lived there most of his life working in communications and media as a consultant. After discovering his passion for cycling, he took his first course to become a guide for mountain bikes. After several bike holidays on Lake Garda, he decided to make a change and in 2011 he moved to the Lake Garda region, joining the team of the Carpentari Bike Shop in Torbole. He is also a member of the Italian Cycling Federation and a recognized as a cycling guide.
Ingo was born in Germany but moved to Naples as a teenager. As a competitive track athlete, he realized he was also a very good cyclist, and began organizing cycling tours in the region. For more than a decade he has been leading people from the world over to discover the magic of the Chianti area in the Tuscany region, by bicycle. Tuscany is where the Italian language was born; it’s the region where Michelangelo created most of his masterpieces. It’s the home of Andrea Boccelli. Between cycling through the vineyards, eating homemade pasta and drinking the best Chianti nature can provide. In short it’s the area that you never get tired of.  It’s no wonder why Ingo never felt the need to go back to Germany. –Welcome to heaven! 
Is a professional Russian cyclist, currently riding for the UCI Professional Continental Team RusVelo. He was formerly a member of team Katusha. He won first place in the 2003 European Track Championships, and was second in the Track Cycling World Cup in Manchester, England.

He lives in the area of Forte during the spring and fall.As one of our premiere guides, he is happy riding with all levels of riders, sharing his knowledge of the sport and this region of Italy.

If you feel like challenging yourself on occasion, then strap on your turbo chargers and see if you can stay with him! He will be happy to oblige.

If you beat him to the next town, he will even buy you a gelati!

Hails from the land down under.

After living in Europe for four years, he moved to The United States. Until the late 90s, he was an avid runner, competing in several competitions with The New York Road Runner’s Club and winning a 10k race in Central Park for his age group. Looking for something more aerobic, he switched to cycling in the hopes of finding more joy.

He was successful, and now he loves climbing every hill he can get his hands on!

After scaling the mountains in Italy, he can’t wait to get back there and breathe the magnificent mountain air. He cannot think of anything better than to ride with you across the land of wine and opera. Viva Italia!

Was born in the Dolomites and went on to study graphic design in Milan. In his twenties he moved to New York after landing a design job there. He later moved to the Washington DC to start an advertising agency. That is where Pier picked up cycling as a recreational sport. He liked the sport so much he started racing his friends and beating them. At the age of 38, he qualified for the first time to be part of the U.S. Disabled Cycling Team to compete in Seoul, Korea, at the Paralympic Games in 1988. The Paralympics are the premier international event for physically disabled athletes. He won a bronze medal there, and a silver medal at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona, where he was the only U.S. cyclist to win a medal. Now he’s involved as the cyclist specialist for O.J. setting up rides, choosing equipment and taking people to fun places like 5 Terre.
Was born in Rovereto in the Trentino Region in 1984. He can be described as a 360-degree athlete: he swims, runs, skies, climbs and rides bicycles! Roberto is in charge of customer relations and all Caravel bike hotel projects in cooperation with Cannondale. Because of his knowledge of the region, he is the official guide of The National Academy of MTB (Accademia Nazionale di MTB).
Is a fourth generation cyclist. The Maggi family opened their first bike shop in Lido di Camaiore in 1906. In the 80's, the shop was taken over by Claudio, Nicolo’s father, who skillfully introduced road cycling. In 2002, after completing his course of studies in International Business, Nicholas began to manage the family business, strengthening the link with international companies such as Cannondale, Pinarello and Colnago and adding quality brands such as Formigli, Cipollini and recently BMC. Nicolo has an extensive knowledge of the best roads of Versilia which is the part of Tuscany on the Tirrenic Sea. He knows the best Pubs and Restaurants in the surrounding area, so if you need advice on what to eat and where to find the best wine, ask away!
Marco lives in Siena and acts as the ideal support guide to Ingo. Together they have spent thousands of hours pedaling, talking and having a great time with the "appassionati" of the bicycle in the region. Marco knows the area, the people, the roads, and most of all he knows a few shops where local artisans still build a bicycle frame piece by piece. Mr. Brunettti is an environmental engineer who speaks perfect English, and delights everyone with his stories.
Loris Tagliapietra was born in Arco on August 22, 1958. As a great connoisseur of the entire Alto Garda region, he possesses a deep knowledge of all of the territory around Trentino-Alto Adige, and organizes cycling events including the Bike Transalp (crossing the Alps from Germans to Lake Garda by bicycle). For many years he has collaborated with the Italian Cycling Federation including teaching mountain bike riding, driving cyclosportive and coaching youth bike racers.
Nicola Vezzaro was born in Vicenza on 8 November 1979 into a family passionate about cycling. As a child he devoted himself with dedication to the sport. From 1995 to 2001 he participated in numerous United Fund and Cycling Marathons. While participating in these events, he discovered the region of Lake Garda. In 2011 he moved to Torbole, and now works with the Carpentari team, coaching and guiding people all across the region.
BALSAMO SERGIO, was an excellent runner who won several important races until the age of 23. He qualified as a sports director for the International Study Centre of the Italian Cycling Federation, and managed the junior Vigor Cycling Team for 10 years. He is now taking his experience on the road for the enjoyment of cyclist enthusiasts and tourists throughout Italy and France.
MATTHIAS BURDESE is an accredited MTB guide and has participated in several courses on technique of road cycling and mtb . In the winter he enjoys skiing, mountaineering and trekking as cross training for his first love, the bicycle. As an expert bike mechanic, Matthias now lends his experience in one of the premier bike shop of Piemonte. As an avid fan of the professional cycling world, Matthias knows all the main roads used by the Italian cycling pros. Naturally his passion for the bike leads him to always explore new paths.
Michele Bassignano has dedicated most of his time to mountain biking, specifically alpine mountain bike tours. He has attended the National MTB Guide courses recognized by CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) and is dedicated to the accompaniment of groups in MTB. He is also active with road cycling, challenging the major climbs in the Italian Alps, specifically those made famous by the passage of the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.
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